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olga kostrova founder physioemodynamics systemOLGA KOSTROVA:
Founder & Chief Transformation Officer,
PhysioEmoDynamics Institute.

OLGA KOSTROVA is the creator of The PhysioEmoDynamics System and founder of The PhysioEmoDynamics Institute. Olga, dedicated to ending violence in the world by healing one person at a time, is now on a mission to spread her teachings to millions by training others who share her passion and wish to build successful transformational practices.

Olga is a talented and ruthless master trainer and executive coach. She is a visionary, a social innovator and a serial entrepreneur with a series of successful ventures under her belt. During her career Olga has worked for, consulted and started up technology, consumer and service companies.

Innovative to the core, in social media people know her as Ideamama.

Please see Olga’s speaker profile here.

Jan Hutchins -orangeJAN HUTCHINS:
Managing Partner & Chief Inspiration Officer, PhysioEmoDynamics Institute.

Jan Hutchins is a nurturing master mentor and executive coach… In his previous lives, Jan was a Mayor of Los Gatos, Bay Area TV sports and news anchor, producer of Emmy-award winning programming. He received the Black Journalism Pioneer award. Jan has been preparing his whole life to nurture others. He’s gathered a wide array of accomplishments, learned from successful people, consciously changed careers every ten years or so. He’s studied creativity, massage and several transformational arts. He’s practiced meditation, yoga and physical fitness for more than 45 years and is willing and able to nurture excellence, fulfillment, balance and peace in you.

Please see Jan’s speaker profile here.

Olga and Jan are not only brilliant transformational artists you should get to know. They are also a blissfully married couple. Their romance started when Jan first became Olga’s client. She, of course, had to fire him when their romance caused an earthquake in California, but Jan has remained Olga’s loyal customer ever since… Only, he doesnt’t pay her anymore… :-)

Together they consult many companies and run 2 together. Their successful thought leadership marketing company SocialAgenda Media is the demand generation company that will put you and your practice on the map.

How about you? Are you a coach? A healer?
A teacher? A counselor?

Challenge yourself by participating in our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business? It’s a click away ;-).

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