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Why I Failed To Build A Sustainable Healing Practice In 2010 & How I Redefined a Business Model That In 2014 Turned Into A Lucrative Executive Coaching Business With Skyrocketing Revenue

olga sedona

So, what do you want more – to be a good healer or run a sustainable and lucrative practice? Pick. :-)

You most probably understand that in order to build a highly profitable sustainable business you need repeat customers, yet for healers it implies sabotaging their healing methods. The only way you get customers coming back is if you don’t actually finish the job quickly, in other words –  you either drag out the process, have a modality that works slowly or if your business model is planned obsolescence and you sell a product that is good only for a limited period of time – either way customers repeatedly have to come back for more.

I faced this challenge in 2010 when my PhysioEmoDynamics practice started to gain traction.


Have I ever told you how I started?

This video will share events in my life and the path that brought me to the work I advocate now – truly transformational inner work that I now spread with passion.

As I discovered some tools for self-healing and started to experiment with their optimization (which later led to developing PhysioEmoDynamics as a system) I felt I wanted to take away the pain I encountered in every individual. I first started offering my knowledge to friends for free.

The result from my very first experience was astounding. A friend who suffered from partial paralysis shared that after 3 sessions with me he fully recovered, which was something he couldn’t accomplish during a year of visiting a psychiatrist and other therapists. He insisted I drop my successful marketing management career, drop my technology ventures and fully focus on healing work. He was an executive and venture investor in a company later acquired by Google. He knew my passion for technology and innovation, but he also saw the opportunity for me to turn to something more meaningful.

My second experience was with someone who had, for 10 years been diagnosed with clinical depression. He owned a business that was bringing in no income whatsoever. With depression? No wonder! I gifted to him a healing session. The next week he called and sounded puzzled. He not only had not felt depressed since our session, he couldn’t even remember the feeling when he tried. He got a sudden burst of creative energy and found 2 clients who generated over $10,000 for him for in the next month. He was jumping up and down… So did I…

That’s when I quit my marketing management career that was generating comfortable 6 figures for me, and jumped into the unknown.

I packaged PhysioDynamics as a modality and started healing people. With hardly any marketing and no advertising, through speaking and referrals only, I started to get clients. Everything looked very promising from business stand point… BUT…

Challenge #1 – scalability.

What you need to understand about PhysioEmoDynamics is that healing takes place as a result of intensives. Every session is intense work for both the client and the healer. At least I approach that way. It means that I am energetically exhausted if I conduct more than 2 sessions a day. These days sessions last only 1 hour as I’ve optimized a lot of techniques and developed shortcuts, but in the beginning each session lasted 2 hours. So, after 4 hours of intense work with clients I was cooked.

Challenge #2 – customer retention.

In order for me to have revenue even remotely comparable to what I had been making running marketing operations for companies, I not only needed to be able to conduct more sessions than my energetic body is willing to sustain, but I also needed repeat customers, otherwise I needed to spend much more time and financial resources on marketing that I was willing to allocate.

It’s because my system leads to RAPID healing… (and please believe me, it does; I have no tolerance for or patience with, lengthy processes. I spent years experimenting to find and tweak just the right tools and techniques that can lead to INSTANT change). Because of that clients were satisfied with just 1, and a maximum of 3 sessions. After that they were happily gone. While their appreciation notes were wonderful to receive, I couldn’t pay bills with them, could I?

I found myself needing to spend more time marketing to new clients than actually healing existing ones.

I realized something was not working. Something that felt very wrong for me…


Six months after starting my paid practice I made the painful decision to shut it down. I even put down the web site for PhysioEmoDynamics. I did keep serving random people who would come as a result of referrals, and some probono clients as a way to “give back”, but from the business stand point I felt it was time to move on. I went back into the world of tech start-ups and marketing consulting…

Two years ago I got married – met a wonderful man who shares my passion for “healing the world”  :-) With my marketing background and his background as a journalist (TV news anchor) we decided to start a company together – SocialAgenda Media, a thought leadership marketing company. We felt inspired to publicize remarkable people with innovative ideas and technologies to impact the world.

The company quickly became a financial success, yet we both felt something was missing. We were service providers interacting with clients on the surface level. But any time clients would open up and reveal their real self we saw a lot of sadness, frustration, dissatisfaction in what they felt about themselves and their lives.

We started coaching them to shift the way they perceived the world and themselves in the world, and even though we both find word the “coach” somehow insufficient we clearly connected with this work. So we happily added executive coaching to the menu of our services. It felt more rewarding than media relations or sales funnel optimization or any marketing service we would provide. We started to do more of it, serving more clients and seeing how transformation occurred in their businesses as a result of their inner shift.

Jan, my husband, was doing more executive coaching facilitation than I. I was the one focusing on marketing our company and delivering marketing programs for clients. As he faced serious roadblocks during work with clients, he began passing them to me for PhysioEmoDynamics intensives to release their repressed emotions and conflicting subconscious desires and fears. We both noticed not only had clients become lighter, more cheerful, with more clarity, but because they’d freed up so much repressed emotion they were able to go back to their facilitation work and make bigger, deeper shifts toward reaching their potential.


So, now our practice has transformed into a wonderful blend of healing using PhysioEmoDynamics intensives as an integral part of what we call nurturing cycles. See the newly emerged framework here. Together these two complimentary, transformational approaches bring not only sustainable results to our clients but each compliments the other and benefits the business model.

1)  Now we have repeat, high paying clients.

They come for executive coaching but get what we call, Executive Nurturing.

They get guidance and support in identifying blind spots, unconscious emotional patterns and destructive thinking patterns and begin to have more passion, productivity, and better relationships all while experiencing more grace and peace. We work in three month loops on a sticky place in their lives and on an as-needed basis we take them through one or more PhysioEmoDynamics intensives to help them free up the emotional blocks. They then have space to get to the next level and achieve liberation from all the accumulated mental limitations, emotional turbulences and mental confusions in the particular area of work. We celebrate our success and start the next 3 month work cycle on an area we agree is blocking them from fully living. The powerful emotional release that comes from intensives gives the client an experience of how being free of the block actually feels. That not only speeds up the process but encourages them to look forward to doing more work.

2)  We can scale as we can serve more clients.

Since PhysioemoDynamics intensives are now not the only work that I facilitate during the day, I can now conduct many more sessions. Coaching is a conversational engagement and doesn’t require from me such deep energetic and physical involvement in the process.


We are now booking months ahead, and it’s time to scale the method…I hope to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. I hope that together by healing one person at a time we contribute to a more peaceful, harmonious world…

And, I don’t need to do it anymore probono or part time. I now have an opportunity to dedicate my life to the craft. So do you, if you choose to.

To learn more about how you can build a lucrative and meaningful practice with PhysioEmoDynamics, master the method and get equipped with a marketing and business development plan, go here.

Opportunities With Energy Healing Modalities & Release Techniques: The Missing Component to Maximizing Income & Growing Your Coaching Practice

Understanding Roadblocks to a Successful Coaching Practice

Jan Hutchins Executive Coach PhysioEmoDynamics teacher & certified healer

Willing to join me in this “I statement?” My ego morphs faster than a virus, is more slippery than a greased pig, has more heads than a Hydra! Due to absence of right healing modalities and energy release techniques we frequently seem a step behind the client’s crafty ego defenses against our best coaching practices and between us and the additional coaching income we want.

It’s all good and everything is relative until it isn’t. Time might just be an illusion but don’t try to convince your boss of that when you’re 30 minutes late and didn’t call.

To you the client might seem ready to take a huge leap forward but regardless of how certain you are, they’re not moving as long as it still feels to them like they’re stepping off a cliff to a sure death.

Believing that accountability means taking responsibility for consequences intended and unintended makes perfect sense until you’re dealing with someone who’s lived their whole life making excuses and getting away with it.

Convincing the head (mind) what’s what and what’s beneficial or destructive doesn’t matter when seared-in habits of the heart and gut don’t get it yet.

If someone is completely identified with their false ego images to protect the painful emotions in their wounded true self, asking them to die to their ego is like asking them to actually die.

If you coach, teach, mentor, parent, or counsel, I imagine you understand what I’m saying.

So what techniques do you use when the person with whom you’re working hits one of those emotional walls? It’s a place where the past trumps all your presence, where your accurate perceptions run directly up against defenses against past trauma still alive in their body.

I often turned to voice dialogue for help, calling in the sovereign or wise one to offer insight and perspective, inviting the individual to take charge of what’s really happening anyway so they heal themselves. Stepping back to facilitate their inner conversation feels appropriate and is often effective at creating awareness my pushing on the wall cannot.

Yet, I was always looking for a technique that could point me directly at the blocking emotion, old wound, and get that long held emotion to release, to come pouring out. I’d imagine it gone, the person shaking their head and saying to me how much lighter they feel, clean, clear of the anger, fear, urge for revenge, etc.

And then I met Olga… and what I’d imagine started to actually happen!

My first Experience with PhysioEmoDynamics

I’d been “doing my inner work” for years. Teaching yoga, practicing the yogic path of refining my body, deepening awareness of the senses, building the power of concentration, gaining control of the breath and energies of the body, looking inward past sense perceptions for understanding, surrendering into connection with the vastness. I’d been teaching and coaching clients, using mainly Shamanic processes to help them see and find their power. People would rave about the results, express profound gratitude but not actually make radical shifts in their behavior and soon wander away, looking for something more powerful, effective. I wasn’t making enough money to make a significant difference in my life.

Personally I was active in the ManKind Project doing powerful men’s work and sitting in circles of accountability, emotional intelligence and support. But I was haunted by the emptiness at my core that had lived in me since my mother died suddenly when I was 11. The popular, personable, happy-go-lucky false self I created in response to her death was exhausted from more than 50 years of pretending, sapped from suppressing the sadness and anger hidden in my true, buried self. And all the supposed inner work I was doing was being stopped at the surface by my persona.

I met Olga when she came to my Yoga Center as part of a healing expo I hosted. Something about how good the first hug felt, the brightness of her light, the power I sensed in her, moved me to ask this lovely little Ukrainian woman to do her PhysioEmoDynamics (whatever that meant?) on me. Like an arrow shot at the Sun she somehow pierced the persona, fought her way past my dragons and literally demanded I release some of the buried pain.

The eruption reminded me of the one time in therapy almost ten years before when I’d touched the anger and spent an hour in tears pounding a pillow. Like that time, after the session with Olga I felt lighter, moved differently, saw the world differently and, had it not been for her relentlessness, like that last time, I would have soon gone back into hiding. This time though she would not let go and caught between attraction to her and desire to escape, was too confused to run. She eventually gained full access to the trauma and courageously managed to withstand the full force of the anger and sadness that emerged.

Looking back it was a perfect storm, the many years of yogic preparation, the right time and place and the right spirit wielding a powerful, effective modality, PhysioEmoDynamics, all combining to blow off the false self, and reveal and then heal the inner self to produce the blessed state I now inhabit.

Processes & Techniques That Transformed My Understanding Of What It Means to Be A Coach

Today my coaching practice incorporates PhysioEmoDynamics as a way to help clients feel their way into dis-identifying from the protections they’ve used for the fear, anger, shame, longing. When I hit a stuck place I have clients do a session with Olga to drain off the emotion their block is protecting. With less to defend, they return to their work with me less identified, feeling lighter, different in their lives and ready to anchor in the more expansive, connected awareness that allows them to fully integrate new behaviors in their lives.

Clients frequently repeat this cycle several times during their work with us. They begin to be able to rapidly peel away layers of the onion or karmic patterns, to use another analogy, and develop an increasingly healthy relationship with their true self and a graceful effectiveness and sense of fulfillment in the world that is generously reflected in profit and referrals for me.

Effect Of A New Coaching Model On Customer Retention

I’ve always sought to model an ideal state of being when working with clients; savoring the moment, being comfortable, present, clear, expansive and compassionate. But, I’ve always felt limited by my ego’s fearful, craving, identification with being a successful coach, whatever that means.

Empowered now by having PhysioEmoDynamics as an effective method to handle the most difficult situations that arise as I nurture of clients, I feel significantly less fear.

The peace I now feel allows for that extra moment of patience during processing that’s often beautifully filled by the client saying exactly what was needed to be said, by their dropping into authentic emotion in the space provided, by a deepening sense of connection allowed by the absence of me not nervously knowing. These powerful empty moments speak into both our souls and create connections that benefit the work, produce real trust and wind up ironically making me a more successful coach, what that really means.

That’s my story. What’s yours?

How To Become A Healer – 12 Thoughts To Meditate On. Heal & Facilitate Instant Healing In Loved Ones & Clients

Have you touched someone and made a healing difference? Do your loved ones come to you when they’re hurting? Can you sense the right thing to say or do to facilitate instant change in difficult situations? If so, remember the doorway to becoming a healer, to paraphrase Rumi, is round and open, people are coming and going across the doorsill, and unless you are vigilant it will close with you on the wrong side.

Here’s the Rumi poem, “Don’t Go Back to Sleep”:

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!”

As you’re reading this, I imagine you’ve awakened to a desire to, and/or recognition you already can, be in healing relationship with others. The dawn of this awakening is like being told a secret in that you need to keep it to yourself. Like a Shaman accepting the role of healer for his or her community it is something one should see as coming from grace and not as identification. Indeed, people are going back and forth across the doorsill where the two worlds meet, healer one moment failure the next. As Shamans say, “Sometimes the magic happens and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Olga Kostrova, the founder of PhysioEmoDynamics Institute has created a form of healing that is more science than magic.  Not mysterious energy work or conversation based therapy, but powerful, cleansing emotional release. Olga, my teacher and now wife, has developed and used on many others and me a healing approach (see her framework here) where failure is not an option. True, physical healing in the body might not always occur to any visible degree, but emotional healing happens instantaneously after each intensive, and tangible results are experienced – lightness, peace, the bondage of anxiety and depressive thoughts is broken. The powerful release of emotions often leads to dramatic recovery from physical malfunctions, but that’s only a by-product.

Used in conjunction with other modalities the PhysioEmoDynamic System serves to release trapped emotional energy that’s blocking change or fueling negative behaviors. The freedom and lightness allows individuals to experience in their bodies how freedom feels and reinforces the possibility of lasting transformation as they experience other modalities.

You must ask for what you really want. Are you humble enough to handle the never-ending learning curve? Can you dis-identify with every thought and feelings named mine and recognize any power you manifest as a gift and never a possession? If so, then you can have the nothingness that it is being a Shaman/healer.

Sit down, strap in and face your desire to be special, spiritual, sacred, superior, sensitive. Throw it all away! You must ask to know and not be fooled by that soporific part of you that craves attention, wants to be right, needs to be needed and thus tries to put you back to sleep. Staying awake to these ego minions requires endless vigilance, painful self-examination, complete ownership of your responsibility to stay awake when everyone else is sleeping. Do you really want to be feeling and releasing the energies of fear, sadness, anger, shame, illness, grief, betrayal and confusion? Do you really want to know the horrible details of your inhumanity reflected back at you in the experiences of others? You must ask for what you really want!

The door is round and open and it’s so easy to slip into ego desire and aversion, making clients the “other” and subject to your high-minded judgment or a means to your economic end. The big round hole offers our minds room to label others because even those one is nurturing expect it. Also and maddeningly, clients will seek to disengage just as you’ve finally approaching their core issue. There is plenty of room in that hole for your ego to judge, parent, teach, control, rescue or preach your way back through the door. If in any way you ever start thinking healing is about you, you’ve failed. So do you really want to “be a healer?”

So, to summarize, what it means to be a healer is:

  1. You understand “you” are not a healer.
  2. You understand healing sometimes happens through (or despite) you.
  3. Whatever is happening is not about you.
  4. You have no choice but to do the work.
  5. Willingness to feel and process pain.
  6. Willingness to be constantly healing yourself.
  7. Willingness to be constantly dis-identifying from your ego.
  8. You will ironically be alone much of the time.
  9. Willingness to be patient, compassionate and understanding.
  10. Willingness to be challenging, assertive and demanding.
  11. Willingness to be completely present and actively listening to advance the process.
  12. Willingness to be completely unattached to outcome.
  13. You have to have right tools and framework to facilitate the transformation.
  14. To have a chance for both – a fulfilling hobby and a lucrative meaningful business.

So, what do you want? Still want to a “healer”?

Learn about PhysioEmoDynamics training and certification for healers and life coaches.

How to die to your Ego & make a difference healing one person at a time!

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