What Olga did for me is beyond “coaching”. She not only helped me to facilitate a number of multi-million dollar deals giving great advice on how to approach negotiations, she also helped me get rid of partial body paralysis. It was amazing. 2 years of regular visits to psychiatrists and counselors didn’t help. For Olga it took 3 of her unusual PhysioEmoDynamics sessions, and the paralysis was gone. Simply amazing!

Tech CEO, Venture Investor, One of major shareholders of an advertising networks recently acquired by Google

Olga is a great coach to work with – she takes the time to establish great rappport, and she has amazing techniques and insight. She is also no-nonsense in the way she objectively deals with issues, while at the same time, offering a compassionate and feeling heart.
I have managed to work through some very difficult issues after a bad breakup involving betrayal which left me angry, broken-hearted, mistrustful, and somehow dislocated from my own spirit. While working with Olga, I have moved past many of the destructive emotions which have taken up a lot of my time, energy, and focus, and regained a feeling of safety, health, and hope. Now I’m able to refocus on my business once again, and get back on with life as it was meant to be!

Anna Weltman, Performance Consultant – Mental Training for Sports and Performance at Top Performance Consulting

Olga has bravely and brilliantly worked with me to dis-identify with the egoistic thoughts and feelings that ruled my life. She helped me to finally be able to see the insatiable desires, petty dislikes and life-blocking patterns that that had been running me since childhood that had been causing suffering for me and those trying to love me. I’m no longer reacting to my ego’s insistent emotional urges to defend, distrust, and deny a sweet loving connection to self and world. I’m convinced she is a realized a being and lives in a state of powerful, angelic love.
She ruthlessly trained me into my excellence and helped me to become a better public speaker, more proactive entrepreneur, and fully embody a new career and build a successful practice as an Executive Coach.

Jan Hutchins, Executive Coach, former Mayor of Los Gatos, TV news anchor, Public Speaker

Olga & Jan are a tremendous team, bringing just the right blend of fierce and tender. In my current transition, I have needed both these energies, and their knowing sensitivity is a testimony to their deep intuition. They have challenged me to do the necessary things to redesign my business, honoring my resistance yet finding just the right way to push me through. I am immensely grateful for their clear guidance and deep caring. Indeed, they are a blessing.

Dennis Mead-Shikaly, Life & Spiritual Coach

I first met Olga in a Wellness event in which she presented her intro into PhysioEmoDynamics. She articulated that our emotional wounds and scars are stuck at different parts of the body. By fixing them, the mind is freed. I was intrigued by this idea, and signed up. I must say, each session was unique and refreshing. In one session I was able to go into a deep meditative process and experienced “non-dual state”, a “nirvana”.. I felt better immediately. I was able to prioritize my choices. Overall, I am extremely happy about the results!

Yogi, Senior Engineer at Cisco

I wrote to Olga a few months back asking if she could help me heal from an emotional family wound. She assured me that I didn’t have to suffer as I did anymore. I was a little skeptical and waited another 6 weeks until I contacted her again to sign up for her services. The traditional therapy sessions didn’t heal the emotional baggage which I carried around these last two and a half years. I came in with an open mind and envisioned myself on the road to fully healing and happy again. And that’s exactly what happened. The memories of my past don’t haunt me or tortured me as it did before. I no longer live in the past and enjoy being in the present with my daughters. I cannot begin to thank Olga enough for setting me free.

Emmi, Business Coach

Olga is an unbelievable transformational artist. I approached her when I was drowning. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with depression and in the last decade my business sank. After a single session with Olga my depression was gone. And I mean it was absolutely gone and the feeling of depression wasn’t even accessible to me any longer. I tried out of curiosity to feel sad and I couldn’t. It was the most unusual outcome. During the next 30 days my business grew rapidly. I was opening new accounts and optimizing my business processes under her guidance. To say that I highly recommend her work is an understatement.

Dennis, CEO of a Silicon Valley based construction company

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