PhysioEmoDynamics System

PhysioEmoDynamics is an easy to learn and easy to execute, advanced transformational system for Emotional Nurturing of your loved ones and clients.

Only the name of this system is complex, PhysioEmoDynamics, which blends the wisdom of the body (Physio) to effect the emotions (Emo) and the relationship between the two, reaching transformation in both through movement of the body and the restructuring of thought loops (Dynamics). Sign-up for teacher training to learn these

6 FUNDAMENTALS that define the healing and coaching process within PhysioEmoDynamics System:

PhysioEmoDynamics System healing coaching process how to ecome healer coach

The PhysioEmoDynamics System can be incorporated with existing coaching, counseling, consulting practices for better outcomes. It creates deep transformational experiences, that lead to more clarity for your clients and increased ability for them to follow through with programs you recommend to them.

The PhysioEmoDynamics System is a fast, dependable way to break the hold of depression, loneliness, confusion, anxiety, suffering – it’s an advanced healing methodology.

Examine this:

  1. There’s a clear, undeniable connection between events of the past and their imprint on our subconscious, and as a result on what we think and how we feel.
  2. It is the subjective, complicated habit of thinking unsatisfactory, self-sabotaging thoughts that induces painful, dissatisfied feelings, yet heavily promoted positive thinking is not a solution as it doesn’t take into account the conflicting subconscious beliefs, repressed emotions and desires.
  3. Most approaches to change us from feeling unsatisfied to feeling free and fulfilled attempt to produce change by using thoughts and the mind, yet our traumas and emotional wounds are stored in our bodies. In other words, our issues are trapped in our tissues.
  4. Because it’s so subjective and complicated, using the thinking process to affect the thinking process is unreliable especially in the face of strong emotional identifications (habits) linked to thoughts. People frequently “get it” intellectually with regard to the need to change their behaviors but can’t overcome their emotional identifications (habits) to actually change their behavior. Therapies to change the thought-feeling-behavior loop usually experience frequent setbacks and require long practice periods. Even after behavior is modified it often returns when the individual experiences stress.

The PhysioEmoDynamics System offers a different approach, proven to transform and empower lives, and produce instant and sustainable inner transformation.

There’s finally a system that:

  • Bypasses the usual thinking process to directly address the feeling state where the traumas and wounds are stored.
  • It is an alternative transformational method that, in one session, creates an in-the-body experience of the release of undesired emotional states and replacement with desired states, providing the individual a satisfying emotional anchor they can favorably compare to the thought induced unsatisfying thought-feeling-habit they’ve been living.
  • The PhysioEmoDynamics System works by creating identification with the key blocking emotion, vigorously releasing that emotion until liberation is achieved and then integrating the cleared, lighter emotional state with the old thought-based model of awareness.

Sign-up for teacher training to learn The PhysioEmoDynamics System’s framework to start or boost your existing healing or coaching practice.

olga kostrova physioemodynamics healing coaching trainingThe founder of the PhysioEmoDynamics System comes from a background of technological innovation in Silicon Valley and a passion for transformational technologies. She combines an intuitive approach to healing and coaching and expertise in various healing modalities. She designed a framework for PhysioEmoDynamics sessions that leave people feeling free of their issues as if “floating on air.”

Invented in a courageous act of survival by Ukrainian-born Olga Kostrova, PhysioEmoDynamics reliably releases the emotions at the core of an individual’s issues, creating a feeling of lightness, clarity, confidence and ease that provide the basis for instant healing or significantly more favorable outcomes when combined with other healing modalities.

The PhysioEmoDynamics System is inspired by, yet is a modification and unique application of various modalities such as:

  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Inducing Altered / Non-Dual States of Consciousness
  • TFT – Thought Field Therapy
  • EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
  • NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Vipassana Meditation
  • Pranayama / Breathwork
  • Pranic Massage & Acupressure
  • Tantra
  • BDSM & Status Play
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Reiki
  • Quantum Theta-Healing
  • Regressive Hypnosis
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Matrix Energetics

Sign-up for teacher training to learn PhysioEmoDynamics System’s framework to start or boost your existing healing or coaching practice. Upon completion of the training you will be certified in PhysioEmoDynamics and equipped with tools to have a meaningful and financially successful business.

How about you? Are you a coach? A healer?
A teacher? A counselor?


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