Building Thought Leadership & Social Influence: Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, & Counselors

Building Thought Leadership, Social Influence - Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, Counselors

Are you keeping up with the latest ideas in your field, speaking intelligently about the subject matter and building your thought leadership position? Are you communicating with your tribe by reaching out with interesting perspectives and conversation provoking questions? The reason you’ll want to become a thought leader in your field is something you are being called to look at during our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business.

Clients want to work with people they trust. Are you helping them trust you by publicizing your ideas, experience and insights? Do you show up on social media and search engines as an expert in your field?

Becoming a coach, teacher, trainer, healer, counselor is also about building a strong reputation.

So, I would like to invite you to go back, and get clear about the following things:

1)   Do you regularly (at least once a week) write interesting blogs about your areas of interest? Do you publish papers in industry publications? What can you do better?

2)   Are you giving your articles enough exposure in social media? How can you give all you’re already written materials more exposure?

3)   Do you regularly participate in conversations on social sites that deal with your subjects of interest? How can you become more active in social media and build social influence?

4)   Do you have an identifiable perspective and brand? What does it stand for? How would your tribe describe you? Is it how you would like to be perceived?

5)   Are you nurturing prospects you engage with on social media to trust you and understand how you can help them? Do you have strategies, tactics, technologies and processes in place to deepen relationships and nurture them towards becoming a client?

Find a quiet space to answer these question and take at least 3 minutes on each question to get really clear about your present situation…

Especially get really honest about this question:

6)   Are you afraid of criticism and therefore would rather play small and stay quiet?

Be honest… And then find the place within you to be brave and just go for it!

Can you really facilitate SUSTAINABLE transformation in others if you aren’t fully helping them to find you, get to know you, understand your value, trust you and know for what you stand?

Reach out if you find yourself needing someone to help you with developing the right disciplines so you can build your thought leadership position and establish a more effective social media presence.

Continue our 15 Day Challenge to peel away the things creating the gap between where you are now and your true potential!

May you be a blessing to yourself and your world…

Ready to take the 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business? It’s a click away ;-).

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