Why Emotional Performance Review & Executive Coaching need to be outsourced: confidentiality, viability, consistency, credibility

Emotional Performance Review and Executive Coaching need to be outsourced - confidentiality, viability, consistency, credibility

Organizations need to retain consultants, specialists in having introspective conversations with employees to conduct Emotional Review (not just a performance review) to discover belief systems, blind spots, emotional patterns, repressed emotions that are in the way of employees reaching their potential. Employees need to be able to trust that the person they’re opening up to, trusting to help them risk changing long held beliefs are objective and have their best interest at heart.

The dreaded no-win job review is one of the more inhumane aspects of organizational life. So humiliating, dysfunctional and depressing despite all attempts to make it otherwise, perhaps it’s time to admit this so-called necessity is a mistake.

Regardless of what sweet-smelling words you’ve heard attach to having a job, do you have any/many of the following judgments about getting/giving a job review?

  • There really is no loyalty or family relationship.
  • If she’s your boss she’s not really your friend.
  • You write the review knowing you haven’t had the bandwidth to pay enough attention to really be a good judge.
  • You feel guilty or too happy about giving bad reviews.
  • Organizations are about their own continued existence. Period.
  • Employees lack power in their situation, are frequently unaware of the unstated rules of the game, are victims who often displace their emotions and perpetrate against each other and in their own families.
  • Reviews are about power, control, and compliance rather than actual involvement or transformation.
  • Reviews are criticism in the guise of help.
  • Performance reviewers are not empowered or qualified to facilitate actual transformation.

So what should organizations do? Trust their hiring practices. Instead of the attitude of distrust implied in the current performance review system companies should hire according to their values and trust employees to perform when they are treated as valuable, supported and empowered.

The organization owes it to the employees and itself to make performance assessment objective, measurable, with agreed upon deliverables. The flexibility movement that recognizes employees have lives outside of work understands this. Come and go as you choose, stay home, share the job, whatever. Just, and this is the key, just deliver the results you’re getting paid to deliver.

Organizations should be asking these types of engagement questions (Courtesy TheBuildNetwork):

emotional performance emploee review job outsourced outsourcing to consultants

Would you like to learn more about benefits of Emotional Review for your employees to prevent or eliminate conflicts and increase productivity and boost collaboration between individuals and departments? Download this white paper and Contact us for free consultation and proposal for your executive team.

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