WHITE PAPER: Incorporating Emotional Reviews in executive coaching, corporate wellness and team building programs to increase the happiness factor, reduce stress-related healthcare costs & increase productivity, loyalty, retention

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How to significantly improve performance and radically reduce the costs of employing humans in organizations is the explicit subject of this white paper. Implicit is the use of Emotional Review processes (rather than traditional performance reviews) and PhysioEmoDynamics emotional release technologies to manage and mitigate against the human flaws and foibles that create lost productivity, absenteeism, conflict, confusion and passive-aggressive behaviors in the workplace. To err is human indeed, but to to be empowered to help people reach their potential is truly transformational.

Citing the huge potential benefits at stake, this paper seeks to show that, as research demonstrate, performance review is counterproductive and new ways of engaging employees are necessary. It suggests reviews reflect an outdated understanding of how to manage humans and should be replaced with other ways of determining pay, promotion and creating employee satisfaction. And, it argues that Emotional Review processes should be used for executive coaching and to support staff development.

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