The Anatomy Of Action That Brings Results: 5 Pillars Of Success In Business & Personal Life With Each & Every Step It Takes

The Anatomy Of Action That Brings Results - 5 Pillars Of Success In Business - by olga kostrova
Every day, again and again I see how people state their desires and intentions, verbally commit to some actions and then almost immediately abandon their commitments… Sound familiar? I bet you see it in your clients and if you take time to look in the mirror once in a while you can see this behavior in yourself…
So, let’s challenge that…

What do you want to accomplish? Let’s take 1 item on the list… Do you want to sign-up more clients for your healing or coaching practice? Ok, let’s say your answer is “Yes”.

Now please answer these very simple questions:

  1. How many clients would you like to sign-up this month for one-on-one coaching or live workshops? (for now we are not talking about an online program, only live personalized work)… Please write down a specific number.
  2. Now, is this the same number of clients you WANTED to sign-up last month?
  3. Why did you not sign up that many clients last month?
  4. How many people have you communicated with in the past month about the solutions you provide?
  5. Was it enough to reach the number you set for yourself?
  6. What stopped you from reaching 10 times more people in person last month?
  7. What stopped you from reaching 100 times more people via other means last month?
  8. Were you actually willing to do whatever it takes to open the desired number of accounts?
  9. Let me rephrase (and now be very honest with yourself)… In what ways you were not really willing to do what it takes to reach your goal?
  10. Were you really committed to your goal to reach that many people last month, or was it just wishful thinking?
  11. Do you always exercise your will power to take necessary steps or do you let yourself off the hook and hide behind excuses?
  12. How committed are you then if you are not always willing to do whatever it takes? Honestly pick a percentage, 50%? 60%? 70%…?
  13. What would it mean to commit 120%? (yes, the maximum humanly possible, and then some).

And remember… When I ask questions, my invitation is always the same… Be BRUTALLY honest with yourself as you are answering questions of the 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business.

Now let’s look at the chart I have created to illustrate my point.

desire commitment goal action

Now, let’s repeat your statement again…  “This month I want to open X new accounts”. So, how much of this statement is each of the following if 100 indicates doing whatever it takes to achieve full realization of the goal and zero is none:

  • Wishful thinking
  • Desire
  • Commitment
  • Willingness
  • Will power

Here is a hint… If you say you strongly desire new accounts and assign say 90 to 100%, and commitment is about the same but you are actually nowhere near reaching your goal, then you might want to consider 2 things.

  • Be honest with yourself – assign more points to Wishful Thinking, and reduce the points in lines for Desire and Commitment…. Or
  • Revise your goal, as it might be unrealistic.

See, people say they want things, but wanting doesn’t mean they have strong desire. They often only have wishful thinking. “I wish I had X clients this month”.  Desire means a completely different level of engagement with the “want”. Real desire creates a higher level of commitment and willingness…

Reflect on this today in relation to all your “wants” in life…

And now the main question, and the last one for today… As you look at your answers to all my questions… and the likelihood that you don’t have as many clients as you have a “wishful thinking” to have…

  1.   What will you do about it?

Please write it down the necessary steps to add to your action plan for this week.

And when done, add 5 more that are missing  😉 (that would be the additional 20% on top of the maximum humanly possible 100%).

And now, the most important task for today… I challenge you to execute all of them without any sense of overwhelm…

But in their proper order, calmly, and with joy.

Happy sailing, my friends…

Life can be very easy… and simple… As long as we don’t turn it into a struggle…

Much Love to you!

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