Keep you eyes on the road and hold the handlebars steady

Once in a while someone (a client, a fan, a friend) sends me a poem…

And here was shared with me today, and what I want to share with you, lovers…

If, O mind, you want to ride
first, tie your loincloth well
With sincerity
You will succeed

Putting one foot on the pedal
With a push and a hop, move forward,
All rituals and rites vanished
once you are standing on those pedals.
Keep you eyes on the road
and hold the handlebars steady.

Seated firmly on the bike, O mind
Maintain your equipoise
Breath in, retain
Without looking left or right
Pedal on, and recite your mantra

Be on the lookout for good roads
leave all pedantic arguments behind
On becoming a Master,
Take the bicycle on the rough drive
When inner and outer are one
You will be adept
Then ring, O mind
The bell of discernment

The Sage Madhav thus floats effortlessly
You, Bhavani, because of you Karma
squeeze the brakes too hard
Riding at full speed;
Naturally you fall.
Such stupidity, O lovely one!

– Song of Bhavani, the Baul

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