How To Spot Your Own Blind Spots? What Don’t You Know & How To Learn It? Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, Counselors

How To Spot Your Own Blind Spots, What Don’t You Know & How To Learn It, Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, Counselors

Understanding your own blind spots is something you will be asked to look at during our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business.First of all, I want to ask you, how was your first day of the challenge? Did you take advantage of the homework we gave you? If yes, you probably have many questions. I will be happy to answer them during our classes, meanwhile let’s continue with the challenge. Were you able to see the areas in which you might be a shoemaker is without shoes? All of us don’t know what we don’t know.

We all have blind spots because our brain is always looking to confirm what we already believe. There are certain to be blind spots that you are not able to see on your own, something you are not willing to face because it’s too uncomfortable, often too painful. It brings sense of incompetence, unworthiness, inferiority, failure and a lot of other associations that are completely unnecessary. Unfortunately you cannot deal with them on your own. That’s why we call them – “blind spots”.

So, you need a mirror, a reflection. Isn’t that part of why your clients hire you? But where is YOUR mirror? Who is your coach? Who is helping You? Who guides you through areas into which you can’t see or refuse to look at deeply enough for the transformation to occur?

Part of the difficulty in running your own show and identifying yourself as the boss, the CEO, the great venture founder, the teacher, the coach – you stop learning about yourself, you focus so much on the outcomes of your actions, on your relationship with the outside world that you lose relationship with yourself – you forget the real motives that once sparked your passion, real fears that are covered up by the excuses of your very cunning mind, and your inner “progress” slows down, all of which negatively effects your bottom line.

Can you know what you don’t know until you know it?

Catch 22, isn’t it?

Let me offer to you a few simple questions to ponder about your blind spots:

1)      Why and how did your business fall into a crack? (since you are reading this you either are not fully satisfied with the status of your affairs or are a high achiever who’s always working on getting better).

2)      What inner obstacles have you created that show up as taking 2 steps forward and 1 or 2 steps backward?

3)      How have you been justifying, minimizing, denying or justifying your obstacles and challenges?

4)      Have you actually (truly and sincerely) developed a plan of attack, and most importantly do you stick to it? Or have you lost direction after facing a difficulty and no longer have a clear plan?

5)      Have you allowed yourself to fall into a state of stagnation?

6)      Have you been justifying distractions that have made your focus fuzzy? TV, drugs, alcohol, internet..etc.?

7)      Have you been justifying other behaviors that dramatically reduce your productivity?

8)      Who are you in relation to your business, anyway?

I can list hundreds of other questions, many of which we will be addressing during our training for coaches (especially in Live One-On-One Sessions of module 1), but for now let’s stop at these simple 8 points. It’s plenty, if you work through each thoroughly.

I invite you to take time and quietly contemplate, spending 5 minutes on each question.

With that said, I wish you happy hunting for your blind spots… And wouldn’t it be easier if you had a really good mirror right from the start to save time? Even coaches need a coach, remember?

Much Love to you… :-)

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