Flapping Your Wings Enough? Challenge From Master Coaches: Do You Have The Right Practices In Place To Successfully Run Your Business? Are You Constantly Improving?

Challenge From Master Coaches - Right Practices In Place To Successfully Run Your Business, Are You Constantly Improving
Are you consistently doing what you know is best for your business and constantly improving?
Knowing the right disciplines & tools to facilitate transformation and make your business successful is something you will be called to look at during our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business.It’s breathtaking to see a big, majestic bird fly, riding the wind seemingly without effort. If you keep watching though you’ll soon see it flapping away, gaining momentum so it can coast again. It’s that way in business, lots of hard work and attention to detail so it looks and feels effortless to your customers and the public.

One of the best things about becoming a coach, teacher, trainer, healer, and counselor is learning how to work on the RIGHT things to get results…

So, I would like to invite you to go back, and get clear about these things:

1)    Do you have a WRITTEN action plan and have you updated it for this month?

2)    Do you have a trusted group of loyal customers, partners or advisors who you consult with on a regular basis to get a real time feedback about your newest initiatives?

3)    Are you a stickler for details and keeping good books and records? Do your systems offer you metrics you can use to manage your business “by the numbers?”

4)    Do you know how to delegate, empower the people you work with and transform them and their problems into solutions?

5)    Are you keeping up with technology? Are you constantly learning about your industry and how competitors are now doing business?

6)    Are you constantly reinventing yourself by increasing the time and energy that’s going into what’s working for you and decreasing the time and energy that’s been going into initiatives and resources that aren’t?

Find a quiet space to answer these questions and take your time to get really honest with yourself… Spend at least 3 minutes reflecting on each question. Where do you need to take action?

Can you really facilitate SUSTAINABLE transformation in others if you haven’t mastered all the small things that make your business a great example for your clients?

There’s a final question for you to consider.

7)    Who can you turn to when you don’t know where to turn to get insight about something going on with your business or when you mind acts as a saboteur?

Reach out if you find yourself needing someone.

Continue our 15 Day Challenge and unpeel the things creating the gap between where you are now and your true potential!

Ready to take the 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business? It’s a click away ;-).

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