Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, Counselors: A Shoemaker Without Shoes? Do You Have Right Tools & Disciplines To Heal, Coach & Facilitate Transformation?

Challenge For Coaches, Teachers, Trainers, Healers, Counselors, Shoemaker Without Shoes. Do You Have Right Tools, Disciplines To Heal, Coach, Facilitate Transformation

The right disciplines & tools to facilitate transformation is something you are called to look at during our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business.Do you know the saying “a shoemaker without shoes?” Some time ago you made a decision to support others on their journey by becoming a coach, teacher, trainer, healer, counselor…

What problems did you want to solve in their lives?

Let’s name a few…

Yes, right now. Let’s take a moment, no rush….

Go back into your memory when it all started and try to remember.

What areas of human life called you to want to facilitate transformation?

There was a time when your business wasn’t about money. It was about genuine desire for change – in your own life, in lives of millions of others, if only you could reach them. Isn’t it true? I am not calling it “passion” necessarily, it could be even a quiet, very subtle desire for change, maybe even born out of frustration with your own experiences.

So, as a day 1 of our challenge I would like to invite you to go back, and get clear on 4 things:

1)      What was your intention when you started?

2)      Are you at the desired destination?

3)      If not, what is the gap?

4)      What do you need to overcome, to bridge the gap?

You really need to find a quiet space and take your time to get really honest with yourself…

Don’t think tactical just yet, we will get there. For now, think conceptual… Moreover, don’t think, get emotional…

Have you been teaching what you originally aspired to teach others? Are you living those lessons in your own life or are you “a shoemaker without shoes?” :-)

Can you really facilitate SUSTAINABLE transformation in others if you haven’t mastered your own teachings? Maybe your tools are not reliable? Maybe your practices are on the surface and short lived?

So, close your eyes and reflect on a 5th question for 5 minutes.

5)      Have you achieved the transformation you promise to others (whether it’s in personal life, marriage, finances, business, fitness – whatever is the subject matter expertise that you offer)? DOES THIS SHOEMAKER REALLY HAVE SHOES?

If you come to the answer “not really”, don’t worry. Continue our 15 day Challenge and peel away everything that creates the gap between what you dreamt of accomplishing, repainting the world in beautiful colors, and where you find yourself now. – Are you feeling at all frustrated, disillusioned, under inspired, unappreciated and underpaid?

Feel all that. Don’t try to brush it off. Just get brutally honest with yourself, that’s enough for now.

Much Love…

Ready to take the 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business? It’s a click away ;-).

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