Emotional review for companies

FREE ASSESSMENT: Is It Depression? How Depressed Am I?

free depression assessment - how depressed am i and what is the cure to end it Are you feeling down, considering you might be depressed? Know someone who’s been diagnosed as depressed? Lost someone to their depression? Take this free assessment and find out whether you are depressed and how depressed you actually are, so you know what your action plan might be

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Why Emotional Performance Review & Executive Coaching need to be outsourced: confidentiality, viability, consistency, credibility

Emotional Performance Review and Executive Coaching need to be outsourced - confidentiality, viability, consistency, credibility

Organizations need to retain consultants, specialists in having introspective conversations with employees to conduct Emotional Review (not just a performance review) to discover belief systems, blind spots, emotional patterns, repressed emotions that are in the way of employees

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