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Is This What’s Passing for The American Dream? How We Can Cut Right Through Chaos to Find Cool

What do you imagine as the reason movies these days are so intense, music so loud, lyrics so crude, news so sensational, distractions so common? These are the questions we grapple with in the response-ability to remove the roots of violence in our world.

I wonder why cruelty today passes for pornography

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Our Visit with Psychic Surgeon John Of God In Abadiania, Brasil. The Miracle Man at Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola

john of god abadiania brasil miracle man spiritual sergeries 2

So, we are on our way to Rio, waiting for our flight… Brazil was on my (and, as I later found out, on Jan’s) “places to visit” list for quite a while. We were seduced by its world famous Carnival and lively traditions of music, dance and food. This year the amazing country persuaded

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Tantra Lounge – Sex Talk Radio: How to have better love relationship and fulfilling sex life

Want a world that is less violent and more loving? Looking for ways to release stress, eliminate tension and troubles from your life and have better love relationship and sex life? Tantrica and The PhysioEmoDynamics Institute founder

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Awakened! Now What? – Olga Kostrova & David Hoffmeister on A Mystical Path, A Course in Miracles & How To Live With Trust

As you are having your morning cup of coffee or tea today, I invite you to share an hour with David Hoffmeister and me watching a new video in a segment “AWAKENED? NOW WHAT?!”.David is a teacher and practitioner of A Course In Miracles, committed to a mystical path… He “let

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Becoming a conscious, mindful leader: How to overcome self-centric tendencies

What does it take to become a conscious leader? Sensitive strength, transformational perspectives, sustainable practices and interpersonal emotional intelligence are all needed for the safe, sane, less violent world we’re working to inspire here at the PhysioEmoDynamics (PED

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Daily Meditations: Selfless love & surrendering the Ego

Can true selfless love end violence in the world? Yes, it can. It leads to surrendering of the Ego. This recent Daily Meditation video by my wife and the founder of PhysioEmoDynamics (PED) Institute Olga Kostrova, and me, Jan Hutchins, her life and business partner, offers insights about finding love

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FREE ASSESSMENT: How hypnotized are you by media & culture?

Take our free assessment to find out how hypnotized are you by media and culture

Is it true that everyone wants to be and feel free? Many commit to various practices to “awaken” or transcend the Ego. But let’s look at what your persona (including values, beliefs or emotional triggers) has become. How much do you feel like you are being controlled? Do you investigate the

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Free Of Bondage – training announcement

Everybody want to be free, feel profoundly alive… yet we treat our life like some brutal bondage. Isn’t it time to walk out of the imaginary cage?Or maybe I just need to “punish” you for that all burden you choose to carry? :-) Well, sign-up for

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Coaching & Healing On Demand: Success, Soul & Security. Making A Difference Nurturing The Well Being Of Men In These Challenging Times To Find Power, Peace, Passion & Grace

Coaching & Healing On Demand, Success, Soul, Security. Making A Difference Nurturing The Well Being Of Men In These Challenging Times To Find Power, Peace, Passion, Grace

Is there a way to find power, peace passion and grace amid the chaos, suffering and powerful negative forces in the world? As a man do you ever allow yourself to just let go and release all the efforts and feelings you’ve been holding inside? Women, do you

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How to die to your Ego & make a difference healing one person at a time!

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