PhysioEmoDynamics Institute

PhysioEmoDynamics Institute – Since 2010 dedicated to ending violence in the world by safely releasing the violence from individuals.

The PhysioEmoDynamics Institute conducts and supports research, training, disseminates mental health information, and other programs with respect to the causes, treatments and prevention of violence.

Invented as an act of survival by Olga Kostrova while seeking emotional recovery from a lifetime of being on the receiving end violence, The PhysioEmoDynamics System of energy transformation has been shown to free individuals from powerful negative emotions like anger, fear, shame and longing in as little as one intensive session. The PhysioEmoDynamics Institute promotes the System by training individuals in how to use the System and build successful businesses around it.

The vision of the Institute is to reduce the amount of violence in the world by helping individuals responsibly release emotions that might otherwise explode as violence, to treat the victims of violence in ways that help break the cycle of violence and revenge and to better understand and publicize the preventable causes of violence.

The PhysioEmoDynamics Institute values understanding, compassion, honest communication, cooperation, respect and peace.

Our strategy builds on the belief that identification with thinking, the body and ego (I, me, mine) creates fear and a sense of separation that leads to the dangerous dynamic of victim and perpetrator. We believe there are no they, them, those, that there is no “other” rather we are all “us”, connected and equally-valued parts of one interrelated, interdependent community of beings. We believe regularly releasing individuals from the emotional pressure experienced as fear and anger will allow “us” to remember who “we” really are and become able to live non-violently.

Support our mission by sponsoring PhysioEmoDynamics training for someone you love, so they heal themselves and others.

How about you? Are you a coach? A healer?
A teacher? A counselor? Want to become one?

Challenge yourself by participating in our 15 Day Challenge to Re-launch Your Coaching Business? It’s a click away ;-).

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